The waypoint and airspace files for the 2023 Nationals are significantly different from the files for previous competitions at SOSA.

In the waypoint file:

  • all of the points have been renumbered
  • new points have been added
  • some airports that were used as points in previous versions are no longer airports and have been removed

In the airspace file:

  • the Guelph corridor airspace has been re-shaped to fit between YYZ and YKF zones
  • the "Rockets" zone south of Shelbourne has been removed
  • parachute alert areas at Port Colbourne and Cayuga have been added
  • restricted areas at Ipperwash and Meaford have been added

The files can be downloaded from the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange at:

  • airspace files are located at the top of the page in five formats
    • Newport-Peace
    • SeeYou CUB (For LX Systems)
    • Open Air
    • 2 x Ilec SN-10 NDB
  • below the airspace files is an alphabetical list of waypoint files for various instruments
  • click on the download the file to download the file to save to your computer and later upload to your system
  • click on the view the file to view the file as text