Pilots shall register for the competition via their team captain and NAC.   Preliminary entry deadline is 31 March 2019 and final deadline 3 May 2019.  Entry fees and pre-paid tows must be paid by final deadline.  Team Captains will receive an email from the contest organizers with more details.

The organizers request to the IGC that 3 pilots per country per class be allowed with an additional 5 reserve pilots has been granted for a maximum of 8 pilots per country per class.  Each additional pilot will be entered in a class based upon the IGC country ranking.

The contest is limited to 44 sailplanes, with 16 in 18 Meter, 12 in Std/15 Meter and 16 in Club class.

Preliminary List of Pilots

C = competitor;  G = guest;  R = reserve

18 M Class
ID Pilot Glider Club    
F1 Dave Springford ASG-29 SOSA C
XG Jerzy Szemplinski ASG-29 SOSA C
MS Sergei Morozov ASG-29 SOSA C
JS Joerg Stieber ASG-29Es SOSA C
CP Branko Stojkovic Discus 2cT    G
Z8 Juan Mandelbaum Ventus 2cx GBSC C
P7 Gary Ittner ASG-29   C
5E Erik Nelson Ventus 3 M-ASA


RF Robin Clark ASG-29 NFSS C
90 Bob Fletcher ASG-29 GBSC C
7T Sean Fidler ASG-29 Ionia C
98 Pete Alexander ASG-29 Williams C
ROY Roy Bourgeois ASG-29 GBSC C
ZO Rich Owen ASG-29Es Seminole Lake C
Handicapped Class (Std/15 M)
ID Pilot Glider Club    
99 Chris Gough Ventus B Cu-Nim C
2W Luke Szczepaniak ASW-27 SOSA C
AF1 Dave Cole SZD-55 TSC C
KO Stan Maj SZD-55 TSC C
DD Rafael Bravo Discus 2b SOSA C
QT Sergio Reinaudo ASW-27   C
KC Rafael Nunes LS6b SOSA C
PG Phil Gaisford Discus 2b GBSC C
FS Fernando Silva JS-3 M-GSA C
SK Sarah Arnold Ventus 2ax Chilhowee C
JW Jae Walker Ventus 3 BHS C
 W Glenn Betzoldt Discus 2a Sandhill C
TT Tim Taylor Ventus 2a   C
Club Class
ID Pilot Glider Club    
MF Krzys Wiercioch Std Jantar SOSA C
84 Sylvain Larue LS4 RVSS C
BC Bill Cole Mosquito SOSA C
DW Paul Parker LS4 SOSA C
W2 Chris Wilson Mosquito SOSA C
JT Ray Wood DG-200 SOSA C
69 Paula Drazul Std Jantar   C
PM Carlos Iucci ASW-20   C
MR Raul Garda ASW-20   C
HG Matias Pasztor Std Cirrus B   C
JA Jason Arnold Discus Cs Chilhowee C

Other Reserve Pilots:

18 M    
Jae Walker R
15 M/ Std    
Jim Fryett R
Tom Butts R






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